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Go back in yourmind,to a time and place that holds your greatest shame.

What would youchange if you could?


“Mr.Stark!Mr.Stark,wepicked up a signal from the Valkyrie.We think it might be Rogers.Sir,we foundCaptain America.”


“Peg,is this real?”

“Bring him home.”


“Dropping to 2000feet.”


“Peg,I found hissignal!I’m almost there.”

“No,you mustlisten to me.”

“I’m gonna bringhim home,Peg.”

“Fennhoff has putthis fantasy in your mind.He’s trying to get you deploy the gas over civilians.”

“Don’t worry aboutthat,Peg.There are no civilians where I am.”


“Howard,can youhear me?You must come back.”

“I know thissounds crazy,but that—that guy,Fennhoff,he actually helped me.He – he showed mehow to do this.I’m bringing Cap back,Peg.”


‘Howard,turn theplane around.Come back,and we’ll talk about it.”

“No,I can’t dothat.Done talking.”


“Miss Carter?MissCarter,I have Mr.Stark’s plane in my sights.We are one mile from land.MissCarter,should I take the shot?Miss Carter!Can you hear me?!MissCarter!Please!Answer me!”

“No,I need moretime.”

“We don’t havemore time!”

“Do not take theshot until I tell you,Mr.Jarvis!Howard.Howard,Steve is gone.He died over a yearago.”

“There’s somethingup ahead.It’s him!I can fix this!”

“You don’t have tofix anything.”

“Peg,all I’ve donemy whole life is create destrucition.Project Rebirth was…He was the one thing I’vedone…that brought good into this world.”

“Howard…I know youloved him.I loved him,too.But this won’t bring him back.Howard,you are the oneperson on this earth who believes in me.I cannot lose you.Steve’s gone.We haveyo move on …all of us.As impossible as that may sound,we have to let him go.”

“Peg,He was goodbefore I got ahold of him,huh?”

“Yes.Y-yes,he w…he was.Where are you?”

“Evidently,flyinga plane…to Manhattan.I guess you can explain that to me once I land.”

“Mr.Jarvis,he’sall right.Stand down.”

“Thankgoodness.Tell Mr.Stark to follow me back.I’ll bring him home.


“You were gonnashootme out of the shy?”

“Well,I thought that was that what you would have wanted.”

“No!No,it’s not.Andfor future reference,under no circumstance would I want anyone to shoot orotherwise hurt me.You got that?”

“Your point isamply made,sir.”

“Aw,you’re allright,Jarvis.”

“As are you,sir.”

“I owe you anotherone,pal.”

“To be honest,I’vestopped counting,Howard.


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